Upgrade your Aadhaar in Just 8 hours

The new Aadhaar upgradation centre by the Department of Posts is Operational from 19 July,2017

The centre’s facility is directly linked to the Aadhaar database, thus facilitating the speedy Update.

So, Now everyone can update their Aadhaar card information by visiting the centre.


Here is the Process of Upgradation

  • Consumer’s must state their Aadhaar card number
  • Provide proof of change to be carried out.
  • The updated Aadhaar card can be downloaded within eight hours.


  • Demographic Update Rs.25
  • Biometric update Rs.25
  • Aadhaar search using eKYC/ Find Aadhaar along with colour printout Rs.20
  • Status query Rs.10


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