What is “WannaCry” Ransomware? & How to be safe?

About 150 Country’s computers have been Attacked by this Wannacry Ransomware. It is basically a one type of malware which is spread through an email attachment or a link.

What is “Wannacry” Ransomware ?

It is a one type of malware or virus which takes over your PC and prevents you from accessing your files until you pay them the amount which they want in form of Bitcoins. The hackers who attacked they have given this “Wannacry” name to this malware.

How does your PC get infected?

In most of the cases, the malware is sent through an email as attachment or link. when the user opens this attachment the computer get infected and they encrypt our files.

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How to be safe?

  1. To avoid loss of your data first make backup of your data.
  2. Update security patch given by windows.
  3. Use an Antivirus Software like NPAV or Quick Heal.
  4. Don’t click any links or open suspicious emails.
  5. If you get hit by malware then don’t wait and disconnect your device from internet and shut it down before completion of encryption.

So in these ways you can protect yourself.

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So Keep Calm & Be Safe.



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